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Bebe Belay Multi-functional Baby Accessory
Bébe Belay is a "must have" baby accessory that serves as an instant bib, connector clip, and pacifier holder All In One!

Not only is the Bébe Belay multi-functional, it is very portable. When you graduate from the full-sized diaper bag to the "mom purse", it won't take up much space. A product that really grows with your child and their needs, Bébe Belay can be used from infancy to age three.

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Connector Clip Use
Pacifier Clip Instant Bib Clip

Baby booties, mittens, or any of your child's paired items are easier to find when using Bébe Belay as a connector clip.

The patented clip and tab design keeps pacifiers, lovies, and all of those small toys from falling to the floor.

Burp cloths, paper napkins, and even dish towels instantly become bibs when using Bébe Belay on your little mess maker.

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